Indoor LED Display P3.91

  • High Color Rendering & High Refresh Rate
  • 175° Viewing angle
  • Water-Resistant & Dust Proof
  • Easy Maintenance & Robust Cooling Design
  • LED life 100000 hrs & More than 1500 Luminus of Brightness
  • 32GB Internal Storage with Unlimited Cloud Sync.
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous playback
  • UV Protective Coating
  • Efficient Power Management System
  • Remote Content Management Solution
  • 16-bit signal Integration
  • Temperature & Schedule Managed Calibration

When deciding on the size of the LED display, keep your indoor space in mind. Large venues, such as convention halls or control rooms, will necessitate a larger screen. Control rooms, for example, require close monitoring and will necessitate a fine pixel pitch indoor led display. In industries such as retail, where space is limited, an ultra-slim indoor led display would be the best option. Starting with a pixel pitch as low as P1.56, these displays can go up to P4 depending on the viewing distance. The smaller the pixel pitch, the shorter the viewing distance. Indoor LED displays to provide a variety of benefits, but the resolution is often sacrificed in the name of size. Configuring an indoor display to meet the requirements of different environments not only requires compromising on its resolution, but also its size.