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We provide the best custom indoor & outdoor led display solutions throughout Nepal. From single-color displays to multi-colored designs, our led displays are perfect for corporate events and so much more. Our latest technology and creative professionals are a match made in heaven, ensuring your design needs are met—no matter how big or small.

LED Display

LED Display Board Consultant

Pixel Touch help clients choose best LED for their premises & suggest according to needs.
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Quality LED Display Products

Pixel Touch provide best LED in market from reputed brands like "Unilumin" to satisfy our client.

LED Display Maintenance

Pixel Touch provides professionals to install & maintain products for our clients.

LED Display Board Assembled and tested in Nepal

Pixel Touch LED Display Boards are assembled in Nepal. We do thorough tests on our products to make sure they perform at their peak. For instance, we test for water leakage, water damage, fading, UV testing, and Heat testing. Our corporate office is located in Kathmandu.

Pixel Touch also fixes its own LED panels in the event of a malfunction. Furthermore, we offer repair services to others at a fair cost if they want it.
LED assembled in Nepal

How Pixel Touch LED Display Team Can Help!

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Onsite LED Support

We analyze and provide best suggestion and support for our LED display to our clients.

LED Repair & maintain

Our team of professionals can help you repair damaged LED or replace them if required.

LED Technical Support

We provide tutorials for our products to ensure easy operation of LED displays to our client.

Custom LED Shapes

Our team of creatives, designers & technicians work to provide custom LED designs and sizes.

In-house LED Testing

Our LED | LCD products are tested twice before shipping & after the product reaches to our warehouse.

Yearly Support on LED

Pixel Touch provide yearly support on LED displays at low cost than market with absolute quality.
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    Advantage of LED Displays

    The following some of the advantages that comes after switching to LED displays:

    • LED display are much cheaper in long term than ordinary hoarding board for advertisement.
    • LED display are more vivid to watch therefore attracting more eyes towards it than old hoarding board.
    • Outdoor LED displays doesn’t fade overtime and protected from sunlight furthermore it is easy to replace if damaged.
    • Advertisement using display are more attractive and eye catching to ongoing traffic In other words, more viewers and audience.
    • LED displays are dynamic and can plays multiple information.

    In conclusion, LED Display Board beats old hoarding board in every aspect of audience, maintenance, lifespan, coverage and style.


    Pixel Touch LED Displays

    LED Displays are no more reserved for the elites. So, in addition we provide LED displays to anyone who wants to install and experience the future.

    LED Display for Small Medium Business

    We have Single Color LED display for displaying information to & customisation sizes of Multi Color Led display for more flexibility.

    LED Display for Medium Business

    We listen to our clients and provide feedback. Custom display sizes and flexible price makes LED Display one of the best decisions.

    LED Display for Large Business

    Custom designed sets, individually configured displays, single unit controlled, design ready, flexible LED Displays as requested.
    LED Display Panel

    Why Choose Pixel Touch LED Display?

    • Everything has gone digital so why not Advertisement?
    • We work closely with our clients to understand unique the requirements.
    • Quality products without risk.
    • Vivid Display with weather resistant, dust proof, water resistant.
    • Dynamic content & instant editing features.
    • Lasts years without replacing any thing.
    • Support & maintenance at any requested time.
    • Long Lasting LED display | Vivid Color.
    • Dynamic Displaying content.
    • Easy to Maintain.
    • Weather Proof | Dust Proof.
    • Temperature protected.
    • Custom Design.
    • Curved Display.

    What people wants to know about LED Display Board !

    What is LED Display Board?

    LED Display (light-emitting diode display) is a type of screen display that utilities a panel of LED’s as the light source. LED displays are now used as screens and as a medium of interaction between the user and the system in a large variety of electronic devices, both small and large.

    What is LED Display Module?

    Modules of LED beads are set down by orders and arranged in a certain pattern, while the protection level’s resolution is added to the unit. LED display modules have improved in performance because to innovative art and technology.