Interactive Touch Display 55 inch

  • 4K DLED Display
  • 20 Points Touch Sampling
  • Supports Pen, handwriting, Gloves touch input
  • 280 lumens Display
  • 178° Viewing angle
  • Android | Windows Operating System
  • IR Touch Technology
  • 3GB RAM With 32 GB internal Storage
  • Support Dual Band Wifi
  • More than 50000 hours of lifetime
  • Inbuilt 20W Speakers
  • OPS Connection Support

Pixeltouch 55 inch Interactive Touch Display with iProjection technology is an advanced touch screen solution that enables multi-touch operation. With more than one-touch control of the screen, you can simultaneously use a single finger or multiple fingers to interact with applications, touch type on the virtual keyboard, and much more. From sharing ideas to managing meetings and brainstorming sessions to performing calculations, this solution offers unlimited possibilities for an exciting collaboration. The Interactive Touch Display 55 inch offers an interactive touchscreen display for wirelessly communicating user input to the system. Presented as a blank whiteboard, the display presents a digital environment for a presenter to digitally project content for viewing on the display. Presentations may be made using software installed on a laptop computer or Inbuilt Android that is connected to the display through cables or wireless connections.